Tullah, a small town in the western area of Tasmania, is now associated with one of Tasmania's largest Hydro Electric Schemes. It nestles on the shores of a huge man-made lake, Lake Rosebery.

The town is roughly divided into two parts, the older northern section and the newer, more planned out, southern section. The northern part was originally a small mining town, established in year 1900 after silver lead ore was discovered in the area around Mount Farrell. It has recently been extended southwards by the HEC (Hydro Electric Commission, which generates all the Electricity in Tasmania) and used as a hydroelectric power scheme construction town during the making of the Pieman Scheme in the 1970s to early 1990s when its population reached 2500, but is now mainly a community at the edge of Lake Rosebery and a fishing location. Prior to adequate roads being built in the area, it was serviced by the Wee Georgie Wood Railway under its earlier name of the North Farrell Tramway.

The railway originally had 3 locomotives, Wee Georgie Wood, Wee Mary Wood and a Krauss engine named "Puppy". Wee Mary Wood was never restored and its chassis is currently in the Ida Bay/Lune River area. Prior to working in Tullah, Puppy worked in the Duck River region of the state and was eventually bought by the North Mt Farrell Co. The name "Puppy" was given due to its high pitched whistle, but it was originally Krauss number 2640 of 1892.

The engine was eventually sold to Ida Bay in the 1930's where it still is today. The most well known locomotive, Wee Georgie Wood, has been salvaged and returned to operation, but as of 2010, it has been stripped down for restoration work while the diesel engine "Alpha Romeo" works the short track in its place. Today the majority of the original track is now under the waters of Lake Rosebery but a short length of track close to the Murchison Highway is still in use (known as the Wee Georgie Wood Railway), along with some rolling stock. The track is a two-foot (610 mm) gauge, standard at the time.

The Wee Georgie Wood railway currently has the remains of another Krauss locomotive that worked in the Queenstown area, a few electric locomotives, and a gang motor from the original line. Beyond the highway, the remaining 600m of railway to the mines was repurposed into part of the Mackintosh Dam Road. A small timber line, approximately 7 km long, also ran south from the town.

This site is dedicated mainly to the history and people of the original Tullah Township. For obvious reason, you will also find snippets of information about the little steam locomotive, Wee Georgie Wood.

Most of the information here was gathered together by Greg Blake, who currently lives and works in Tullah. This site was put together by Terry Mold, who used to live in Tullah and whose father, Fred Mold, worked there as an Engineer and Engine Driver. Terry now lives in the United Kingdom with his lovely Mauritian wife Fareeda.